TODAY IS OUR SUPERBOWL EVENT…THE CHARLIE BOWL!  PICK UP A RAFFLE TICKET TODAY OR TONIGHT FOR A 70” TELEVISION AND SOUND BAR.  Raffle drawing will be held at Half Time.  Doors open at 5:30 PM.  Admission is $5 per individual and $10 for 2 or more.  Games, challenges, door prize, food concessions,

No bible studies this week due to PACEM dinners.  Join us Wednesday or Thursday to serve people struggling with homelessness.  We will meet at leave the church at 4 PM or you can meet us in town at 5 PM. At The Weley Memorial Methodist Church on 1901 Thomson Rd.

February 19th at 4 PM – Anchor

February 22nd – Ash Wednesday and Lent begins.  Lenten Offering for ending human Trafficking begins.

February 27th at 10 AM – MEN’S BREAKFAST in the New Gate

March Mission Madness March 5th.  The dessert Auction will return this year!!!  Doors open at 3 PM.  Drawings begin at 6 PM.  Dessert Auction begins at 7:15 PM




Prayers for healing and treatment for Lauren battling Pott’s disease.  Prayers for healing for Kelly Martin for absolute healing of sarcoidosis that is filling her lungs. Continued prayers for Danny’s healing in his battle with cancer. (Danny’s Grill) We continue to cry out to God for the Ukraine situation to turn miraculously and for Russia’s leader’s plans to be thwarted. Praying for a friend of Cindy Proffitt, Tammy, whose daughter Erica has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon caner that has spread to her liver. Prayers for Jackie Cox for healing and comfort.  Prayers of comfort for Kirsten’s family in the loss of her grandmother last Monday…praying especially for her grandfather who has lost his life long mate.Prayers for Richard Ginn (friend of Sheilia) for his battle with multiple myeloma.  Prayers for our former preschool teacher Caitlin Goode who suffered two strokes and now how a rare disease called calciphylaxis.  Prayers for June’s sister-in-law Pam who has had a brain bleed and a frontal lobe tumor.  Prayers for Larry’s recovery from open heart surgery. Prayers for all the victims of the devastating earthquake in Turkey with 12,000 dead and counting.



Message Corner:

“Reflecting God”


1 John 3: 11-24 


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