IT’S JUNE…Please pick up “The Word for Today” Devotionals, our gift to you. 

Anchor will meet today at 4 PM in The Big Gate!

Prayer Sponsors needed for Summer Mission Trips. Please let us know if you would be willing to write prayer cards for our summer missionaries.

Please help us boxes for our military this summer. Take a donation list and give something to bless those who serve our country.

Morning Meditation with Curtis will resumer Saturday July 27th at 9 AM in The Big Gate. Childcare provided.

Please sign up for VBS June 18 We need lots of servants. Register children ENTERING grades K – 6.

Curtis and Friends will be featured Saturday June 22nd for the Lake Monticello Dock Concert from 3 – 5 PM at the opening of Adam’s Cove across from the dam.

FEET WEEK  Is our first Summer Mission. Please pray for our Feet week participants. The mission begins Monday June 3rd through Wednesday June 5th. Please pray for our team: Nikki Tardiff, Brian Archer, Lauren Partusch, Keslie Mccomb, Liv Morgan, Chloe Rhea, Cassidy Hall, Harper Payne, Livvy Tardiff, Maddie Rhea, Kendall Payne, Carson Leake, Anna Dwiggins, Chloe Morgan, June Clifford.

Mission Serve Kentucky is our second summer mission. The mission begins Saturday June 8 – Saturday June 15. Please pray for our team: Terrie Mahan, Matt Barnhart, Kiersten Weimer, Brian Archer, Sam Halpin, Kayla Kozella, Jacob Weimer, Adele Chiesa,


Student Life Mission Trip to North Carolina – July 17 – 21 from 6 PM – 8:15 PM.

Music and Drama Camp (FREE) Sunday July 21st – Thursday July 25th


Prayers for June’s brother Jimmy in mental health crisis..starting new medication. Prayers fro Kirsten’s friend Erin whose breast cancer has worsened and spread and has been given a poor prognosis. Prayers for Justin Edwards for impending shoulder surgery. Praise for Maggie Slinkman perhaps not needing a transplant. 

Prayers for Anthony battling brain cancer that lesions would not increase. (Cait Taylor’s friend). Praise for Tracey Williams as she has finished radiation and will begin chemotherapy. Prayers for Mary Jo Christian in her battle with cancer and undergoing a strong chemotherapy. Prayers for healing and treatment for Lauren Partusch as she starts a new medication.  Praying for a friend of Cindy Proffitt, Erica battling with stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to her liver and lesions still stable. Prayers for Daniel Pruett battling back injuries and treatment for lymphoma. Prayers for Dallas for healing regarding his kidney problems.


“We Pray”
Proverbs 22:6