Happy New Year!


The Liberia Team leaves this Thursday.  Please keep them in your prayers:  June, Brian, Ann, Amy, Kelsey, Vincent.

Pray about this Summer Missions Opportunities (Handouts) Deposits for mission trips are due January 29th.  Kentucky and North Carolina are $50 non refundable deposits.  Guatemala deposit is $150.00

Mark your calendars for a Super Bowl Event…The Charlie BOWL.  We will be helping to raise money for Charlie’s bariatric procedure.  More details to follow!

March Mission Madness March 5th.  The dessert Auction will return this year!!!  Doors open at 3 PM.  Drawings begin at 6 PM.  Dessert Auction begins at 7:15 PM


Prayers for Lily Hamel for her new allergy diagnosis that she and the family can navigate the road ahead.  Prayers for healing for Kelly Martin for absolute healing of sarcoidosis that is filling her lungs.  Prayers for Marie, a young lady newly diagnosed with breast cancer right before her wedding and honeymoon. (Friend of Terrie) Continued prayers for Danny’s healing in his battle with cancer. (Danny’s Grill) Continued prayers for Lucy in her new living situation. We continue to cry out to God for the Ukraine situation to turn miraculously and for Russia’s leader’s plans to be thwarted. Praying for a friend of Cindy Proffitt, Tammy, whose daughter Erica has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon caner that has spread to her liver. Prayers for Jackie Cox for healing and comfort.  Please pray for Kavi battling paralysis from an auto-immune disease.  Prayers for Kirsten’s grandparents for God’s comfort and peace.  Prayers for Richard Ginn (friend of Sheilia) for his battle with multiple myeloma.  Prayers for a safe bypass surgery for Dallas when it is rescheduled.  Prayers for our former preschool teacher Caitlin Goode who suffered two strokes and now how a rare disease called calciphylaxis, which requires 5 weeks of inpatient infusions that are very painful.  Continued prayers for Lauren Partusch in her battle with Pott’s disease.    


“Resolve to Transform”

Romans 12: 1-2