Today we celebrate our Freedom in Christ and in the Land.  Elementary grade kids will join us for the service.



Please pick up a military packing list and donate some items to send blessing packages to our military this fall!


Our Church Pool Party is August 6th at 2 PM!  Wear a suit and bring a towel…we will provide great food and drinks!


Continued prayers for the families and friends who lost their loved ones in the submarine last week. Prayers for Charlie Hall’s upcoming bariatric procedure on July 17th.  Continued prayers for Linda White’s recovery from eye surgery.  We pray for God’s miraculous healing of her eyesight. Prayers for Prayers for comfort for Ron Switzer and his family as he has entered Hospice Care.  Prayers for Mary Jo Christian in her battle with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. Prayers for healing and treatment for Lauren battling Pott’s disease.  Continued prayers for Danny’s healing in his battle with cancer. (Danny’s Grill) We continue to cry out to God for the Ukraine situation to turn miraculously and for Russia’s leader’s plans to be thwarted. Praying for a friend of Cindy Proffitt, Tammy, whose daughter Erica has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon caner that has spread to her liver – pray for her ability to tolerate chemo treatment again. Prayers for Jackie Cox for pain relief with new medicine.  Prayers for Richard Ginn (friend of Sheilia) for his battle with multiple myeloma.  Prayers for our former preschool teacher Caitlin Goode who suffered two strokes and now how a rare disease called calciphylaxis, and a knee problem making her unable to walk.  Continued prayers for healing and rebuilding everything that was destroyed in the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria.  Prayers for Sarah Barkley (former Preschool teacher) battling heart disease and has still not received an accurate diagnosis. Prayers for Megan Chittenden’s recovery.

Message Corner:


“Forward Freedom”


Galatians 5: 13 – 15

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